How long is the turn around time?
Usually for one article takes 30 minutes, but if I'm being swamped with the article orders, your orders will be pending from the scheduled day,

eg: in a day I have 50 articles to be made that I can do in 3 days, that's why I will limit to receive 10-20 per article day.

So that I can maintain the quality of the articles I create, right? It's better like this than if I take many jobs but the results are disappointing the consumer.

How do I order?
Please send an email and I will set the time for the chat on the messenger, and transfer of funds (via Paypal Only) of the order you take, eg:

You order 10 articles = 10 X $5 = $50

After you transfer, please confirm your payment to my messenger. After I check the transfer of funds you, I will contact you to estimate when all the orders you are finished. All articles after you finish the order then I will send to all articles in your email.


1. $6 for 200 words per article.
2. $8 for 350 words per article.
3. $10 for 500 words per article.


1. electronic
2. game
3. cellular
4. health
5. science
6. busines
7. sports
8. computers
9. entertainment
10. food

How to Order
Article Services

Please input your data, such as:

* Name :
* Article Categories/Niche/Keyword :
* How Many Article(s) :
* Email Address :
* Messenger (Yahoo) :

Send it to articlebenefits@yahoo.com, I will give a feedback to your Email less than 12 hours. If you have any question just shoot me an email.