These are samples from my previous work in some categories, such as health and fitness, weight loss, Insurance, Financial, and Pet.

Health and Fitness Sample
Health is wealth is an age old proverb. Today’s generation concentrates more on wealth rather than health, only to spend it in future to gain back the lost health without much success. Here are a few tips to maintain good health of professionals with sedentary work style.

Even if you are a teetotaler and have a decent white collar job working in an air conditioned room you are still prone to health hazards. If your job involves sitting for hours together looking at the monitor you need to follow these in order to keep yourself healthy.

Weight Loss Sample
Obesity has become the greatest problem of the recent times. The advantages of losing weight are numerous. First of all you avoid major health risks; secondly it gives you confidence to face people and situations. This article elucidates some of the practical weight loss programs that could greatly benefit readers.

Internet has tons of advice to those willing to lose weight. The irony is most weight loss programs out there try to swindle your hard earned money than provide you a long lasting solution. Take time to think how you gained the weight before opting for such overnight weight reducing programs. It certainly is not practical to lose the weight overnight.

Insurance Sample
Almost every literate knows that haste makes waste, still a lot of people opt for insurance plans in haste and regret only when their requirements are not met. You must understand that insurance is a long term commitment that could in return compensate for a huge loss. There are aplenty schemes that could suit your purpose. All it takes is a thorough knowledge of the scheme. Just going by the word of insurance agent will not help. It is your duty to fully understand the plan before you opt for it.

Financial Sample
Currently we are facing a world wide economic crisis that has had its impact on every class of the society, affecting real estate, stock market, oil, food and employment. This is not the first time such a recession has occurred. Previous records of recessions show that it might last somewhere between 8–16 months. The first thing you should understand is that every human being around the world is being affected and you are no exception to it.

Pet Sample
Pet friendly communities have existed from time immemorial. This article is an effort to justify the need of pets for better quality of life. For many, pets can be best friends, children, or even more than that. There are various physical and psychological factors that promote your well being when you have pets sharing your living space. To name a few, pets are faithful companions; they fill the void your life; they are stress busters; they make you physically active; they can improve social skills in children; they can be a reliable guard for children and old people; pet breeding earns you a handsome income too.